Semaphore: the James Fahy mailing list

An email list. Why, you ask?

There's a lot going on and social media is fun but untrustworthy, like a playful dolphin that's been given a message. You wait and you wait and you just don't know if the message is getting out or if the dolphin's performing aerial stunts to amuse a crowd of sailors.

So! The aim of this newsletter is more carrier pigeon than dolphin. But a fun pigeon. And I will not drown you in pigeons.

(if this picture isn't showing up - it shows a man buried in pigeons)

I'm thinking fortnightly pigeons but let me know - more or less? You can always write to me at

I'll keep you updated on:

Wait Long By The River - a podcast recorded live once a month (during each season) with another show each month that's recorded un-live at our Gold St studio

James Fahy (strange folk musician) - me playing shows and releasing recordings etc

Hi New Low - my act with Wedge Black from Fun Machine, think Tom Waits singing political Bowie in front of a supergroup of TV on the Radio, Dirty Projectors and Sleater-Kinney

Joe Oppenheimer - my musical compatriot of many, many years, who has the work ethic of a clydesdale and the imagination of Isaac Asimov

...and whatever else. Let me know what you want to hear about -

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